Health Insurance

Protect yourself by getting health insurance to cover the cost of emergencies that may crop up. Health insurance covers Emergency and Resuscitation (ER) and trauma services, prescription drugs, maternity care, and other unexpected illnesses. With the high cost of healthcare, today, lifesaving medical expenses could even bankrupt a person. That is why you need health insurance.

Home Insurance

In an uncertain world, it is best to guard your investment in your home with home insurance. Fires, floods, vandalism, and other damages are always a risk. Standard home insurance will cover not just the physical structure of your home but also attached and related structures like fences, gates, sheds, and property placed in your yard.

Life Insurance

A safety cushion for the family. Protect your family and secure their life. It is a financial protection that will help your loved ones in the event of premature death, total disability, or serious (dreaded) illness.

Travel Insurance

Minimize risks by getting travel insurance while abroad. Travel insurance will cover accident, injury, illness, or other damages suffered while traveling. Travel accident protection will pay a lump sum regardless of other life insurance in case of accident, injury, or death abroad.

Business Insurance

Keep yourself, your employees, and your assets safe from any loss while going about the normal course of your business with Business insurance. There are several types of business insurance to choose from, such as Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Property Insurance.

Auto Insurance

Ensure peace of mind while driving by getting auto insurance. Auto insurance gives you financial protection against accidents, thefts, fire, and other potential damages such as third-party liability and vehicle repair. Auto insurance costs depend on the age of the driver, years of driving experience, and driving record.

Agricultural insurance‎

Agricultural insurance is a great idea because farming is such a chancy business. It protects against loss of livestock or damage to crops as well as damages due to natural disasters such as hail, fire, flood, or storm.